Marcella was always prompt, caring, and positive. My first child was induced, pushing for over three and a half hours, and being threatened with a c-section, I knew I wanted a doula and advocate for my next birth. Marcella gave me a lot of confidence when I found out I would be indiced again with this pregnancy because of my premature rupture of membranes. I was really upset and unsure if I could do a natural birth with the pitocin, she continued to be positive and encouraging. The labor was fast anf furious, I was crying for the epidural when I hit 7 cms. but Marcella continued just to keep me focused and in a positive state of mind. I was very happy with my decision to hire her and would do it again! I was thrilled with my overall birth experience and so proud I had a non-epidural natural childbirth...even with pitocin!

                                                             -Krissy K. 

Marcella coached us through the birth of my daughter in November and was wonderful! She's calming, knowledgeable and extremely encouraging no matter what your birth wishes are. She is a great resource (and a nice person to hang out with too!) and I'm so glad she was able to help us!

​                                                                          Laura H.
I want to thank you so much for being our doula. Gwen's birth was everything I hoped it could be and much of that is due to the encouragements and support you gave us before and during labor. You helped me realize I could do it the way I wanted to which gave Ian and I the ability to communicate well, it was a wonderful bonding experience for us.

​                                                   -Katie R.


​It was wonderful to work with Marcella! She was supportive and experienced in helping couples attempting Vbac and using Hypnobabies techniques. She helped to bolster my confidence during our prenatal meet-ups. We had a natural birth and her presence was very comforting even in the most intense moments. After our daughter was born, she stayed to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. She was also quick to answer emails regarding postpartum questions and concerns. Marcella is very easy to talk to and I felt free to ask any questions or bring up any birth/parenting topic that I was concerned about. We are grateful to Marcella for all her support! 


                                                               ​-Angela H.

We had such a wonderful experience working with Marcella.

From our initial phone call I was really impressed by her wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth, but even more importantly I was instantly put at ease by how approachable and easy to talk to she was. Having that level of comfort assured me that she would be a great addition to my birth team, which otherwise only included my husband. As first time parents, we were aware of how little we knew about labor and delivery, but Marcella's extensive knowledge, quiet confidence, and personal experience as a mother herself really helped us feel prepared for the big day.

Marcella provided guidance and support throughout every step of the process. During our prenatal visits she made sure we were well informed about all the choices and details that would shape our birth plan, discussed various birthing positions, and relaxation techniques, and answered all our questions. She was great about checking in as my due date approached (and passed), and most of all she was an invaluable source of positivity during our hospital experience itself. There is a sense of kindness and sincerity about Marcella that is so genuine, and her words of encouragement were really motivating for me throughout my labor.

Ultimately I am so glad Marcella was as a trusted resource and part of our team, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a birth doula.

                                                         -Catherine H.
Marcella was an excellent doula for the birth of our daughter. We were looking for a doula who had an understanding of Hypnobabies births and she exceeded our expectations. She had gone to some Hypnobabies classes and it was very comforting to know she had a good understanding of our birth plan.

At first I was a little nervous having someone we didn't know attend such a personal event but she quickly made me feel at ease at our first meeting. Marcella is friendly and personable and was able to answer all our questions and address all our concerns.

During the actual birth, Marcella was amazing. She was there for hours on her feet providing techniques for an easier birth. She helped me with suggestions on positions, providing counter pressure on my back, assisting me to relax with massage, and moral support to all of us. Her knowledge of the birth process, since we were first time parents, was great to have throughout the entire birth.

After the birth we had a visit in which she helped ease my concerns on breastfeeding issues. My husband and I plan on using Marcella for any future births we have and would recommend her to any parents looking for a wonderful doula. She really cares about the families she works with and becomes part of the family.

                                                          -Michelle L.

Working with Marcella was absolutely amazing! Her calm, warm energy is exactly what one needs when going through the experience of birthing a child. I was able to have the drug-free delivery that I wanted and planned for only because of Marcella. When it came time I didn't think I was capable of doing it but with her reassurance, support and care I trusted her and thanks to Marcella was able to deliver in the position that I wanted and without drugs. I really can't say enough about Marcella, she was so wonderful! Both my husband and I are forever grateful that we were able to share the experience of the birth of our first  child with Marcella. I highly recommend Marcella. 

                                    ​-Aimee G.
We met Marcella when I was 7 months pregnant. We needed someone who helped us keep a calm environment during our baby boy's birth but someone that would also support us and help us understand more of this experience and make the best choices. 

Since the beginning, on our prenatal visits and talks, Marcella helped us understand all the possible choices we would have to make on the day of and by talking about them beforehand we were pretty sure of what we wamted for our first baby, first hours and his arrival. 

During prelabor Marcella was in contact with us the whole time and she arrived at the hospital one hour after we did. It was great having her energy in the room with us. I had imagined a delivery with alot of female energy, as I believe births used to be inthe past. Marcella and my mom helped me push and Gael joined us after 37' of pushing , laughing and breathing, all of us together. Lovely !!!

It was an easy and fulfilling experience and I am very thatkful for having had Marcella's support and attention.

Thank you Marcella !!!

​                                                                 -Nanda B.