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Placenta Preparation Services 

Encapsulation Service : $230

Tincture : $40

Salve $40

Placenta cube preparation: $40

Placenta Print: Complimentary upon request 

Cord Keepsake: Complimentary upon request

Doula Service clients receive a $30 discount off

of their Placenta Encapsulation Service ! 


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  Benefits Include :​​​

~Lessen the chances of postpartum depression
~Help with breastmilk supply
~Increase Energy
~Decrease Iron deficiency
~Decrease Insomnia
~Decrease night sweats
Your placenta is completely unique to you, there is nothing else so perfect to nourish you and your baby !

The placenta does so many amazing things for mom and baby during pregnancy, why not extend those benefits into the postpartum period !

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